Title: Dylan (Dark Legacy Book 4) 
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Blitz Date: December 4th
Tour Dates:  December 4th - 8th


Dylan Grant.
One of Forbes’ 30 under 30.
One of the most eligible yet unattainable men in the country.
One of the Delta Five.

Together with his friends, Beck, Riley, Jasper and Evan, Dylan runs half the damn world. 
He is the epitome of power... and the definition of emotional baggage. 
Too damaged from his shitty upbringing. 
Too hung up on his best friend's girl. 
Too cold and guarded to let anyone else into his stratosphere.

So why can't I stay away?

Why can't I end things? 
He doesn't even know my real name or my real age.
If he finds out...

He can't find out.
I'll end it. 
One more night, and I'll end it. 
Men like Dylan Grant never commit to women like me. 
I'm too weak, too broken, too tragic.

Just one more night, and I'll walk away. 
Dylan Grant will never see me again.

Or... that was the plan.