E-book cover.jpg

Title: Elements of Faith (The Hidden Elementals Book 1)

Author: Isabella Phoenix
Genre: Dark Dystopian Fantasy
Release Date: January 22nd



“Run! Run faster than you’ve ever done before.”

My entire life, I’d been trained for one thing, and that was to grow up and become a suitable wife to a respectable businessman. One day I woke up and everything was perfect, just as it had always been. The next, well, everything took a sharp turn for the worst.

I was forced to run away from the only home I’d known. I was coerced into leaving my dying parents at the scene of a crime. That night, I ran harder than I ever had before. My only goal was to get somewhere safe, but that turned out to be more than I ever bargained for.

I stumbled across a massive secret that threatened to shake my very existence...


A routine call to investigate a deadly crash ended up taking a sinister turn, unravelling into a conspiracy which sucked me into its murky depths.

Whispers of women being captured without a trace become too loud to ignore when I stumble onto the scene. The more I unravel, the more I'm pulled into the darkness.

When my questions earn the wrong attention, I must fight to protect what I believe in before it's too late.