The NEW cover for Fawn by Elaina Jadin and Marie Robinson is here!

Title: Fawn

Author: Elaina Jadin & Marie Robinson

Genre:  Dark Mafia Shifter Romance

Cover Designer - Kelley York at Sleepy Fox Studio


We aren’t her saviors. We’re her worst nightmare.


We’ve been called vicious monsters. Brutal. Cold. Savage.

We rule the criminal underworld the same way we rule our pack—with absolute control. We take what we want, and demand complete obedience.


When she comes to us, she’s damaged. Fragile. Wounded. And oh so tempting.

Soft skin, haunted eyes, and a darkness inside her that sets us on edge.


She’s not broken… yet. But that’s what we do best.


For thirty days she belongs to us, the Baron Alphas. She’s our property, to do with as we please.


She thinks it’ll be easy. That we’ll have mercy on her. That we’ll use a gentle touch. And that she’ll be able to walk away from us at the end of the month.


She’s wrong.


Our little fawn will come to know our cruel strength. She’ll see the fierce beasts prowling inside us. Feel the hunger of the wolf’s teeth against her throat.


And she’ll beg for more.

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