Title: Ivy's Venom (Whitsborough Progenies Book 1)

Author: C.A. Rene
Genre: Dark Romance

Cover Reveal Date: January 30th
Release Date: February 18th


I'm back in Whitsborough,

A boring town where nothing ever happens.

Two years of boarding school didn't reform me

and now I'm trapped with a loving family.

Forced to be a daughter and a big sister

and this is my punishment.

Being back here leaves me with no other choice

but to face my demons.

Like the sounds of her screams

(I'm like a ticking time bomb),

And the warmth of her blood

(I'm on the cusp of exploding).


Then there's him.

He's filled with hatred

and a burning need to hear my screams,

feel my blood.

He's looking for vengeance

and only I can give it to him.

I got out once and I can do it again,

Even if the cost is more than I can pay.

This tour is for the second generation of the Whitsborough Series.

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