Custom Formatting

Custom formatting is now available through TalkNerdy!

.25 per page Basic Formatting - No photos or designs
.50 per page Custom Chapter Pages - Single page chapter pages
.75 per page Extensive Formatting - Double/Full size chapter pages

Kindle formatting included free in all options

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Web Design

Newly available is author website design! If you're needing help with graphics and design of your website we can help out with that! TalkNerdy's website is self designed and you can view examples of other sites below.

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PLEASE NOTE - only available for wix users at this time.

Custom Photography

Exclusively with TalkNerdy2me you can get a completely custom photography session created to fit your vision. TalkNerdy2me has an exclusive photographer with a portfolio of beautiful models, so we can create a photo session with your vision in mind. ONLY TalkNerdy gives you complete exclusivity rights on your photos. You will own them in the end, to use them on anything (merch included), which can cost a minimum of 8 thousand dollars for a single image, and that's just for a stock photo! You will never find another company who gives you complete rights at a such an affordable price!

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 Exclusive Photo Inventory

Browse through TalkNerdy2me's inventory of exclusive photo's that you can purchase and obtain the exclusive rights to. This is perfect for wanting an exclusive photo on a budget, or if you saw a session that you fell in love with that has available photos. After your purchase, the photo is never sold again! One of a kind cover image at an affordable price! 

PR Services

Let everyone know about your new release! During a Blitz, TalkNerdy will collect sign ups for bloggers, bookstagrammers, and readers to sign up to read and review your upcoming release. During this time, you will have the ability to send out teasers as well as countdown teasers to increase exposure. TalkNerdy handles distribution of your ARC's, as well as selection of bloggers if you have a limited quantity or restrictions.

Starting at $100



Teasers can be purchased separately and will designed towards the design style you request.

You can view design examples or request your booking below.

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 Release Parties


PR Clients receive a 50% discounted rate.


Release parties held in Romance After Dark  include: 

Graphics  |  Schedule Banner​  |  Party Schedule Promotional Graphic  |  Announcement Graphics

Organization & Scheduling  |  Announcement of all authors participating