Title: Strange Days

Author: Inky Fuchs
Genre: Dark Academy RH Romance


Mickey and Mallory. Sid and Nancy. Henry and Elizabeth.

Famous couples that we love and cherish, though we will become the new “Henry” and “Elizabeth”. It’s our destiny, and our drug-addicted parents secured our fate when they named my best friend, “Henry Frankenstein,” and sweet as rotten apple pie – me, “Elizabeth Jacobs”.

When two POS in the woods attack me, I start thinking about what sort of biker boyfriend I need to “save” me. It is beyond sad, pathetic, and the universe decided to change me by giving me a choice to change not only what happens to me, but who I am to become in life.

And change…that I do.

Henry is on course to attend the Corpse Academy and I get an opportunity to join him if I can score my GED, then do well on the ACTs. The police chief’s son, who is also a professor at the academy, takes some pity on me and makes an offer to help me out…with strings attached since in the end, he is still a man.

And I am still a girl with nothing to lose except absolutely everything if they ever find out what I did that day in the woods.

*TRIGGER WARNINGS* This book contains SEVERE language, triggers, and various other assorted debaucheries. Please note the title – you are buying FRANKENDICKS. This is not for the faint of heart and especially not the serious at heart. So here is your warning – it is indeed f*cked up..