Title: Van Helsing Rising (Immortal Hunters MC Book 1)
Genre: Paranormal Reverse Harem MC Romance
Release Blitz Date: November 6th
Tour Dates: November 6
th - 8th


I am an experiment, data to be collected, nothing but a number.

At least that was how my life had been
until I was rescued by the most unlikely group of men.

Rescued might be too strong a word though.

The men of the Immortal Hunters Motorcycle Club aren’t exactly friendly.
And when I find myself locked in a cage, yet again,
I begin to question their intentions.
They aren’t a regular MC though.
Yes, they are heartless, merciless, violent, chaotic...
but it’s all in the name of saving humans from supernaturals.

These men are tortured,
each one stuck living with the demons of their pasts,
and some of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen.
Even if they are a little psychotic.

I can’t get attached though.
Not when my life is on the line.
And definitely not when I find out
that I might be more dangerous than all of them combined.